Unum Life Insurance of America, Volkswagen, Nissan, International Paper, La-Z-Boy Inc., First TN Bank, SunTrust Bank, Kimberly Clark, Siemens,


US National Parks Service, Erlanger Health System, City of Chattanooga Multicultural Affairs Office, BlueCross BlueShield of TN, Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham International Center, Metropolitan Ministries of Chattanooga, Allied Arts (ArtsBuild),


National Assoc. of Women Business Owners (NAWBO),  SE Assoc. of Social Workers, Assoc. of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, National Workshops on Christian-Jewish Relations, Parliament of the Worlds Religions, Hunstville Unity Conference, Seventh-day Adventist National Conference, Jewish Federations Annual Conference, Elmhurst College, United Methodist Mid-west Regional Conference,  Pennsylvania Chaplains Association.


Fulbright Scholars of Alabama, Auburn University, U. of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Southern Adventist University, Wheaton College,  Chattanooga State Community College/Global Leadership program. Chattanooga Teen Global Leadership Class, University of TN at Chattanooga, Colleges of Medicine (Chattanooga, Birmingham), Public school systems (Tulsa, OK & Hamilton County, TN)


"Deborah Levine is one of the nation's leading experts, speakers, authors, trainers, and communicators on sensitive and complex issues of cultural diversity. She takes you below the surface and gets at the heart of what works in bringing diverse people together in mutually beneficial ways in which everyone wins."
~ David Grinberg, former media spokesman for the U.S. Equal employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

"It was a pleasure having Deborah Levine as the keynote speaker for our annual College of Liberal Arts Diversity Symposium, in March 2018. Deborah is, not only a charming and emphatic individual, but also well versed in the topic of interest to us here in the south, where we are starting to see a wonderful increase of international individuals and companies especially in the automotive industry. She gave useful tips and insights on similar developments in the geographical area where she lives and operates. She was very mindful in structuring her talk by starting with an academic/ intellectual context, bringing up sociological/ anthropological theories and remarks and finishing with practical examples and things experienced to connect well with our student population in attendance. The reception showed that not only her talk resonated with the audience but that the speaker was well liked and her expertise appreciated."
~ Dr. Giovanna Summerfield, Professor & Associate Dean for Educational Affairs. College of Liberal Arts: Auburn U.

"Deborah Levine is an award-winning author and seasoned, professional editor. Unlike other editors who stifle you and insist on her style, she demonstrated respect for my individuality and my uniqueness as valuable ingredients in my book writing. My book, being semi-unconventional, entailed an extra degree of expertise which Deborah provided graciously. She is a trustworthy consultant in book publishing... I highly recommend her services to all newbies and seasoned writers. She is simply superb as a book writing guru and consultant."
~ Mary Angela D. Moore, International Leadership & Entrepreneurship Speaker and Book Author

"Deborah is a Change Agent, a thought leader. She was an advocate for diversity and inclusion long before it was popular, a current trend of events. It can be lonely at times doing this kind of work when others do not understand or get it. Seems like more people are getting it. Deborah is a true pioneer. I am proud to call her my colleague and friend."
~ Mauricio Velasquez, Diversity Training Group - President

“In my role as a Human Resources Manager, the training and cultural awareness of the Matrix Model Management training will allow me to relate to others as they would like without assuming what they want or need.”
~ Valoria Armstrong, TN American Water - CEO

“When Ms. Levine introduced her story methods and Matrix Model System, lights bulbs went off. Telling our stories breaks down barriers and lets us react on a different level.”
~ On-Line Wall Street Journal

"Deborah Levine leads Un-Bias trainees through a discovery process that promotes awareness of the unconscious, deeply held cultural views that we all carry. When those views are examined and shared, a new paradigm of equity and insight begins to evolve. Ms. Levine's revelatory trainings, smattered with humor and even a bit of Yiddish, challenge existing nations of diveristy and unleash opportunities for leaders and change-makers to shape a more inclusive and representative future."
~Rebecca Whelchel, Metropolitan Ministries -Exec. Director

“One of the most beneficial items I learned as part of the Global Leadership Class was using the art of storytelling as a conflict resolution tool, allowing me to gauge my comfort level when interacting with others, and helps in making decisions that all those involved can agree on.”
~ David Ortiz, La Paz de Dios/Past President

“The Matrix Model Management System is an excellent tool, especially for team building, dealing with conflict and decision making, and Deborah’s incredible skill in utilizing this tool makes all the difference. Her work has become an invaluable part of the City of Chattanooga’s economic growth due to the combination of her leadership, willingness to serve, and her phenomenal skill with tools often used poorly by others.”
~ Rae Bond, Chattanooga & Hamilton County Medical Society /Executive Director

“The talk on Cultural Diversity at our Child Abuse conference was very informative and will equip our professionals and community member to handle different situations, always keeping diversity in mind. Child abuse knows no boundaries and affects children from all ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.”
~ Renee Nail, Children’s Advocacy Center/ Executive Director

“In the old Southern tradition of telling stories, Deborah shares her magnificent knowledge and experience of the South with the unique kindness of the region. To me as a German part-time Southerner, her advice is worth gold.”
~ Beate Ziehres, Editor-in-chief of the German magazine, Regjo

“Thank you beyond words for this time we had together. Truly your wisdom – each piece of your education and experience and life have combined – with your teacher’s heart, healer’s spirit – to bring to us the core of working with diversity. You take us to the heart of the matter. You have given us wisdom and knowledge and tools that will only impact our ministry – it will touch, change and grow each of us.
~ Shari Hofstetter, Pennsylvania Chaplains Association Annual Conference