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“Award-winning author and lecturer Deborah Levine’s coaching is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and come up with readable, enjoyable pieces of professional level books and articles. Her guidance is steady and patient, her comments are on point and her expertise shines through each lesson. I enjoyed every minute and learned enough to have the self-confidence to try my hand and come up with a truly good piece of work. I would highly recommend Ms. Levine to anyone who wants to start writing now.”
~ Cathryn Cohen

“Deborah has a unique style as an Editor. She is thorough, helpful and easy going. You get to feel her rich experience in the very first encounter with her. Her reviews are top-notch and has consulted for many international organizations. She has demonstrated keen interest in the development of new and young writers over the years and is always available when called upon. I couldn’t find anyone better to work with.”
~ Kwaku Amoako Fosu-Gyeabour

“Deborah Levine is an award-winning author and a seasoned, professional editor. Unlike other editors who stifle you and insist on her style, she demonstrated respect for my individuality and my uniqueness as valuable ingredients in my book writing. My book, being semi-unconventional, entailed an extra degree of expertise which Deborah provided graciously. She is also a trustworthy consultant in book publishing, and my book came out to my satisfaction and delight. I highly recommend Deborah’s services to all the newbie and seasoned writers. She is simply superb as a book writing guru and consultant.”
~ Mary D. Moore, CEO of English with Mary Moore, LLC and author of From Passion to Profit.