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Who Can Benefit

Managers, professionals, educators, and administrators working with a diverse team, audience, or clientele.


The topic of Religious Diversity is one of the most challenging whether in the executive suite, the HR department, or the diversity office. I specialize in strategies that help manage religious diversity and avoid mistakes that can fester and divide. 1. develop a buffer of goodwill using Common Values, 2. Accommodate Sacred Times to demonstrate religious literacy, and 3. Building awareness of Faith traditions to show respect.

The workplace needs religious diversity expertise to manage diverse employees, attract diverse vendors, and reach diverse markets. Build goodwill internally by appealing to common values – no easy feat in today’s environment. According to the Pew Research Center, religious affiliation is decreasing, but the affiliated are more intensely engaged.The unaffiliated are increasing, including atheists, spiritualist, and humanists. Yet, both groups are invested in good works, as are most religions. Incentivize joint collaboration in community building and charitable projects.


Build on that collaborative goodwill with religious literacy, beginning with Sacred Time. For centuries, diverse cultures used harvest seasons and phases of the moon to mark holy times. Religious communities retain those calendars which don’t always sync with the secular calendar. Before you require attendance at conferences, meetings, or exams, learn about these calendars so that you can demonstrate respect of major religious holidays.

Religious literacy should also include knowledge of diverse Faith Traditions and the 3 Fs: 1) Food – know the taboos and don’t serve them. 2) Formality: don’t grab people’s hands to shake them if not offered. 3) Female: don’t take gender-related traditions, like clothing, lightly. These details can symbolize entire belief systems.

Check out the Quick Reference Religious Diversity Cards in my book, Religious Diversity at Work. Use it to guide you through 1. Common Values, 2. Sacred Time, and 3. Faith Traditions.

Participants Will Learn How To…

1) Understand why religious diversity is one of the most difficult areas of cultural diversity to address.

2) Manage conflict by developing personal relationships across religious differences.

3) Accommodate religious diversity in your scheduling using the American Diversity Report Interfaith Calendar.

4) Develop religious literacy to improve communication and problem solving.


Deborah Levine is an award-winning author of 13 books, Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report, and host of the ADR Podcasts. She has 33 years experience in diversity training and Thought Leadership coaching. Deborah has a Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology, Master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Religious Studies, and Research Fellowships in Arts & Culture. She founded the Southeast Women’s Council on Diversity, and duPage/Chicago Interfaith Resource Network. Her pioneering work has been recognized by the TN Economic Task Force on Women, American Planning Association/Chicago, and

From Deborah: Contact me and let me know how I can assist you. It would be an honor to boost religious literacy in your workplace and develop sustainable strategies.

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