Teaching Curious Christians about Judaism

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taken to Vatican City as a gift for Pope Francis


“The lessons Deborah and I created for this book years ago are simple yet creative. They provide a taste of Jewish life. Even if no Jews live in our neighborhood, the responsibility to build a relationship of mutual respect remains vital today.
As Catholics celebrate the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate / Vatician II, we are grateful for the depth and breadth of a new respectful relationship with the Jewish people. The key to further growth is the education and formation of children and adults alike.”
~Sr. Mary Ellen Coombe, nds
Director: Office of Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs 
Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago

“Thank you for the copy of your book and for bringing back pleasant memories of our work together at the Workshop on Christian-Jewish Relations. It has always been a valuable resource and I am a glad to hear that the book has been updated and made generally available in our neck of the woods.
May God bless you in your work, and through you, shed His blessings on many.”
~Wilton D. Gregory, Archbishop 
Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

“Deborah Levine’s Teaching Curious Christians about Judaism is an indispensable resource for those who desire to introduce Christians to living Judaism, as opposed to the stereotypes, misconceptions and fantasies that often populate Christian minds. I highly recommend it to anyone committed to furthering inter-religious understanding through education.”
~ Stephen R. Haynes
Albert Bruce Curry Professor of Religious Studies
Rhodes College

Table of Contents

Foreword: Rev. Msgr. T. Allen Humbrecht
Ecumenical and Interreligious Officer, Knoxville Diocese

How to use this Book: Lessons, Q & A sections, Takeaway Pages
Introduction: Christian-Jewish Relations
Lesson 1: The Liturgical Year
Lesson 2: The High Holy Days
Lesson 3: Hanukkah
Lesson 4: Passover
Lesson 5: Scripture
Lesson 6: Prayer and the Sabbath
Lesson 7: Gathering in the Synagogue
Appendix A: Jewish Sacred Food
Appendix B: More on Holidays

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