Religious Diversity in our Schools

Religious DiversityCase study in DuPage County, Illinois with policy strategies, lesson plans, and Quick Reference Religious Diversity Cards.




Testimonials for Religious Diversity in Our Schools

“It’s troubling to see the rights and dignity of minorities ignored in the name of religion. Your book gives good practical advice for educators and all of us who are called upon to demonstrate a commitment to inclusion. The section which clarifies public, secular, and religious holidays is especially helpful.”
~ M. Susan Savage, former Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma

“If we are going to live with our deepest differences and builds a nation out of these differences, the we must learn about one another in our classrooms. This case study is good evidence that, when properly understood and applied, the religious liberty principles of the First Amendment protect the conscience of every parent and student.”
~Dr. Charles C. Haynes, Director of the Religious Freedom Education Project a The Newseum and a senior scholar at The First Amendment Center