Going Southern: The No Mess Guide to Success in the South

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What Folks are Saying…

“In the old Southern tradition of telling stories, Deborah shares her magnificent knowledge and experience of the South with the unique kindness of the region. To me as a German part-time Southerner, her advice is worth gold.”
~ Beate Ziehres, Editor-in-chief of German magazine, REGJO

Going Southern: The No-Mess Guide to the South is an entertaining as well as practical introduction for anyone who wants to live, work, play, and learn in the South. This fun and highly useful book is the result of Deborah J. Levine’s ability to view aspects of Southern culture through more objective eyes and with the benefit of her keen insights as a relative newcomer. Ms. Levine’s own family history and background prepared her to view her adopted Southern culture with appreciation for its rich idiosyncrasies, its ancient roots, and its importance to the success of travelers and immigrants from other parts of the world. Her insigts are warm and vital because she delivers them in an engaging storytelling style that is itself an example of Southern literary culture.”

~ Dr. Roger G. Brown, Chancellor Emeritus
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

“Most books about cultures tend to present objective data about a region, then go on to describe the population in cultural dimensions, and then list the do’s and don’ts, Other than dealing with the South as high context culture toward the end of the book, Levine inclines to another approach. She bases her insights on the history and attitudes of the South, particularly on the value of storytelling, showing how heritage enters everyday life. So the book becomes a concatenation of tales, both directly about the author’s experience, as well as about what others have learned by the first-hand experience of living and hearing tales told in the South. Out of this, then, come salutary “tips,” summary lists of behaviors both to do and to avoid. As an anthropologically oriented interculturalist, she knows what to look for in deciding what differences make a difference. ”
~ Dr. George F. Simons, Founder of diversophy.com

 Going Southern: The No-Mess Guide to Success in the South Going_Southern_Cover


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