Award-winning author Deborah Levine speaks as The Liberator's Daughter about her life of confronting hate while overcoming personal challenges of physical and mental health.


Professional Writing Coach for content marketing: Blogs, Books, and Press Releases. We also guide you through the memoir writing process and make your story and brand come alive.


Un-Bias workshops transform implicit bias into conscious choices by awareness cultural sensitivity, and planning strategies in a team setting. Ideal for teams experiencing conflict due to changing goals, members, and clientele.


Our Matrix Model Management System build the mental muscle needed for today's world. Workshops, presentations,  and coaching expand emotional intelligence & smart decision making for leaders and their teams.


Cross-cultural Expertise: Workshops and coaching sessions on local-global communication for leaders & diverse teams. Ideal for adapting to Southern culture.


Workplace training to avoid meltdowns over cultural differences and religious beliefs. Boost knowledge sharing, create team cohesiveness, and navigate some of the most controversial issues today.

Our Vision

Changing times generate thought leaders, creative entrepreneurs, and diverse teams. Our goal is to serve and direct these change makers and their innovative efforts using our Matrix Model Management System. Our work has been recognized by chambers of commerce, international centers, universities, and professional associations. We look forward to helping you design, create, and expand your dreams for making a difference.

Next Steps...

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